Festival Fashion! 

I freakin love festival season.

The sun shines, the vibes are great, the artists put on a smashing performance, and you’re guaranteed to have such a fabulous time with your friends (the food isn’t too shabby either!). It’s almost impossible to feel anything else but excitement and happiness, and I just love it so much. 

The one thing I love about festivals is that you get to go all out with what you wear, whatever the weather, and have a great time with your pals. Everybody gets creative with what they wear, and the glitter – everybody loves glitter! 

So I went to Parklife festival last weekend, and it was my first time, and it definitely won’t be my last. It was tricky picking out what outfit to wear as there was so many to choose from, but on day one, I decided to go with a black cropped top and some white crochet shorts, with a ripped blue denim jacket, in case I got chilly. And of COURSE, a f*ckload of glitter. 

We bought some wellies as the weather didn’t look too good and it probably was the best decision that had to be made, ever. There was mud EVERYWHERE. 

One of my friends also had the great idea of getting us all ponchos in case it rained, which it did – but we chucked on the pink ponchos had continued to have a great time. 

I only took a couple of photos at the festival – I didn’t take as many as I would have liked, but I was too busy enjoying myself in the moment. Sometimes, it’s just refreshing to have your phone away and live in the moment, and make memories that you store for yourself for the years to come. 
Parklife, you were great to me. 

I’d love to see what everybody else wears for their upcoming festivals, so take pictures, have a wonderful time, and please, stay safe. 


Keeping your skin hydrated!

I feel compelled to write about two products that have really transformed my skin in the past couple of weeks – I can’t recommend Nip+Fab enough!

My skin type changes like the weather… it’s either incredibly dry, or it goes through oily phases, and let me tell you, it’s a complete and utter NIGHTMARE. It makes it incredibly hard to wear make up as it doesn’t matter what foundation you use, it does not sit well on dry skin. After doing a bit of shopping in with my mum and sister, I thought I would give two products from Nip+Fab a try – the Nip+Fab Kale Fix Make-Up Removing Pads, and the Nip+Fab Dragons Blood Fix Plumping Serum. These products ARE INSANE.

I started to notice a difference in my skin after a couple of days, and after a couple of weeks, it has literally done wonders. I swear by these products! And the Dragons Blood Fix Plumping Serum smells divine.

You can pick both of these products up from Superdrug, the Dragons Blood Fix Plumping Serum for £9.95;

And the Make Up Removing Pads for £4.95;

I totally suggest giving them a try. I can’t recommend enough!


First post first post! A bit about me…

Hey, Sarah here.

I bet you’re probably wondering why I’ve created a blog, right? (Probably not, but of course I’m going to tell you why!)

You know when you want some place to voice your opinion, free to say or talk about whatever you like, to do something you enjoy in your spare time? I want that. And now, I have it!

I am by no means a fashion guru – the thing I love about fashion is that it’s so diverse, appealing, and fascinating – you can create yourself in so many different ways. It’s crazy how pieces of fabric can come together and can transform your image – not to mention, it’s totally fun and exciting.

For my first post, which is no biggie, I’m just have to explain about my obsession with H&M – especially when it comes to Loungewear! My favourite so far is the cropped hooded jumper and the matching joggers. I love to wear these literally lounging around, out and about on a casual comfy day (I like to pair this with my favourite adidas sliders or oldskool vans!) and they are especially comfy when travelling – I wore this on the plane to Dubai, and I couldn’t have picked a better outfit!


I’m not an expert at this blogging thing, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it soon, so if you’re interested in a casual read about something, or if you feel like you fancy hearing what this girl has to say, then please, enjoy!